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Whatever your situation, I can provide employment law advice and support, acting as a champion in your corner. 


Perhaps you’re returning from maternity leave, and you role has changed. Maybe you’re under an HR-instigated performance improvement plan or feel you’ve experienced practices which discriminate against you.

Some of my clients need support with their mental and physical health in the workplace, unsure of what a reasonable adjustment is, and what their rights are. Others reach out to me because they feel like you’re being edged out of their position, pushed into a corner or been unfairly selected for redundancy.

I can draft & review employment correspondence, prepare you for meetings, and negotiate that final settlement agreement.

Maybe you've tried to sort out the problem with your employer, and have made a claim to the employment tribunal.

At a time when you may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, isolated and unheard, I’m here to listen, understand and develop a strategy that works for you, so you can feel calm and in control again.

Lets talk - you can WhatsApp me or email me on

Contact Help with HR Ltd with Whatsapp

"I'm being selected for redundancy"

"Do I need to declare my disability?"

"Don’t know what to do, I’m being bullied at work."

"My manager is *!$*?ing useless!"

I'm being selected for redundancy
Do I need to tell my employer about my disability
I'm being bullied at work
My manager is useless
Am I being discriminated against?

"I’m being discriminated against"

First consultation is free of charge
No obligation to keep working with me

Use my

CONTACT form to give me the details of the situation

We have a CONVERSATION so I can get to grips with the situation you’re experiencing

I’ll assess the situation for FREE and give you an indication of what kind of RESOLUTIONS may be open to you




My time is billable at £65 per hour (which is heavily discounted from my usual business rate)
and I offer very flexible payment plans!

It is rare to find someone with Lorna’s vast wealth of HR experience and knowledge. She provided fantastic service and was extremely committed to achieving the best possible outcome. There is no doubt that such an outcome would not have been achieved without her services. It has been great work with Lorna and to learn from her. I will always be grateful for her reliable, accurate and compassionate service


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