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I. Help Getting Back To Work

Do you long to get back to work but don't know where to start? Maybe you've had a career break, have been raising children or want to change career. Perhaps you're returning to work after ill-health and a prolonged absence?


It can be so overwhelming - The working out what it is you want from your career and how you can then reach for it. Getting back to work after a break can bring up so many questions and anxieties.


We can navigate this together and get you back into the job market.

I can help review your CV, or build your new one! By helping you understand your key skills, we can look at what you want and address your concerns. I will craft your CV, tailor your job applications, prepare you for interview, build your confidence and help you succeed

Are you ready to own your career choices again?


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II. Help With Employer Negotiation 

Do you need to change your work structure to better fit your life? Are you returning from maternity leave? Or perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve received a promotion? Has COVID changed your workload, are you struggling to manage?  There are so many people in the workplace who are dissatisfied with their work-life but feel they can't, or don’t know how to, ask for more. It can be difficult to raise these issues with your employer.

Work is personal. We all need to feel valued, motivated and be able to achieve balance with our work and home life. Yet, it’s not always easy to ask for what you need. Especially from employers because there is a belief that if the conversation doesn’t go your way, you won’t get to tackle the issue again.

That’s not always true. However, if you’re worried about a conversation you want to have with your employer then talking with an objective HR Consultant, like me, can really increase your chances of walking out of that meeting having achieved what you wanted to.


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III. Help With A Work-Place Dispute

Involved in a dispute with your employer?Have you been unfairly selected for redundancy?  Surprised  by HR with a performance improvement plan? Have you been subject to practices which discriminate against you? Or faced harassment or bullying by a colleague or manager?

I can provide advice and support through this stressful time, acting as a champion in your corner. 

Whatever the situation, I will help you to achieve the best outcome by providing employment law advice and working knowledge of ACAS guidance & practice. I can draft & review employment correspondence, prepare you for meetings, and negotiate that final settlement agreement.

Allow me to help you manage your stress and make informed decisions.

Regain control of your future.

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Help with HR's services for Individuals are charged at £65 an hour. 

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Lorna's HR expertise and huge support helped me through a difficult leaving process at work.

I can't recommend her enough!

- Rebecca, Office Manager,
Education Sector

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