Process heavy. Tick-box exercises. Time consuming documentation. Slow. Rigid. Impersonal.

If you’ve had any experience with HR in a large company, you’ve probably experienced this and worse.

But then, I'm not your average HR professional.

Hi, I’m Lorna. I have over a decade’s experience working across the globe, in a variety of industries. As the HR manager for a private equity firm, I was responsible for managing the HR function in a number of different businesses within our investment portfolio. I’ve worked across 20+ businesses including hospitality, retail, engineering, cyber security, digital media and built environment.

This has given me the expertise needed to parachute into a business, quickly understand what’s going on and put a plan in motion.

I also support jobseekers planning a return to work and I work directly with employees solving disagreements and disputes.

NOT Your Average HR Professional




Are you a small businesses needing support with an HR issue or your HR operations generally?


I can help make your day-to-day people management quick, easy and efficient AND implement a performance management system to take your business to the next level.

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Are you an employee who needs help with a dispute or disagreement at work? Or perhaps you need support with approaching your employer about flexible working?


Whatever the situation, I will help you to achieve the best outcome by taking the time to understand your position and providing employment law advice.



Are you preparing to return to the workplace after absence?

Whether you've been on maternity leave, are looking for a career change or are looking to take that next step, I can support you in CV preparation, interview skills and sourcing the right 
opportunities. Giving you the best chance of dazzling your potential new employers.

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